About Us

Dimitris Konstantellos, starting as a piano repairer and string maker, went through different music houses until he began his own trade initially in an underground space of just 20m2. After much effort, working with dedication , looking for the best possible prices from suppliers all over the world, he managed to open his own shop in Galatsi and establish himself in the world of musical instruments and parts. The patience with which he faces his clients, his knowledge of musical instrument manufacture and, of course, his love for cats made him one of the most well-known and dear to the world of music luthiers and musicians.

Willing to always give advice, guide and prevent you from mistaken choices in selecting the products you need, with respect to customers and aiming at the best possible quality in products, 30 years later, co-operating with his youngest daughter, he is still at your disposal for whatever you need. Thank you for your preference and we welcome you to our online store!